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Xbox 360 BT headset + Nokia Lumia 900 = .{^.^}_b (Thumbs up)


Xbox 360 BT headset + Nokia Lumia 900 = .{^.^}_b (Thumbs up)


I just tested out my Xbox 360 BT headset w/ my Nokia Lumia 900 and it works much better than my Plantronics BT headset. Speaker is louder, connection is a breeze, I know I would always have to pair my phone every time w/ the Plantronics BT, w/ the Xbox 360 BT it connects everytime. Another thing I was surprised at was it supports ADP2, so you can listen to your music or watch netflix and hear the audio through your Xbox 360 BT headset. If you're looking for a headset try the Xbox 360 BT headset.

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