Xanthos Linux and XP


Xanthos Linux and XP

I recently purchased an ASUS Eee laptop and am now considering an USB Air card.  I really need to get some info based on my situation as to whether to go this route.
Info, I live in an area without DSL service - probably years before that happens!   So, in looking at various options to get away from dial-up - I am looking at satellite, cellular, or wi-fi. Right now it seems that celluar may be the best option, faster then dialup , frees a land line, and potentially can be used on my laptop and desktop.  Now, my question that I need answered before making the plunge!
My laptop is an  ASUS Eee, (does not have a PC card slot), so I guess the USB Card is what I need.  Will the 881 work with the Xanthos Linux OS?  And will I be able to use it on my Dell, XP desktop at home as well?
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Re: Xanthos Linux and XP

Sierra does provide a driver for Linux, albeit with a couple of caveats. There's no GUI / Connection Manager, and the driver is unsupported (although open source and submitted to the kernel).
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Re: Xanthos Linux and XP

Thank-you coreyinoz!  went to the link and printed the info!  Hopefully, I can get the ball rolling on this!
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Re: Xanthos Linux and XP

I tried to get my 860 AirCard working in Xandros but was unsuccessful (I think you meant Xandros - not Xanthos).

I was successful in getting my 860 AirCard working in Mandriva 2007.1. See the following thread.


There are a couple of threads in the Xandros forums where someone was able to get their AirCard working. You can try a search over there.

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Re: Xanthos Linux and XP

Your gonna have a hard time getting it up and running... if anything you might have to extract the drivers from a windows pc... and then what you can try and do is using it in linux... majority of the time it works... you might need ndiswrapper... and if anything you might need to reopen the driver files themself and rewrite themm... thats gonna be a stretch...

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Re: Xanthos Linux and XP

One option I have is to install Windows XP on the ASUS Eee.  Maybe, I could handle that!
Thank-you all for responding!
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