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XPress Mail - Tilt - "A Service error occurred" error message


XPress Mail - Tilt - "A Service error occurred" error message

I am trying to set up my personal email using the XPress Mail program with an IMAP connection.  I am having problems doing this.  Here's what is happening:

I installed both the desktop and mobile XPress mail software
I set up the desktop software to access my personal email account on
I left the Trash folder name blank (after it failed to work time after time)
I set the sent items folder name to Sent and verified this name with my email provider
The desktop program failed the first time because of the Sent folder name but upon trying a second time (with the exact same name) it appeared to to work.
I logged into the XPress Mail Professional edition software successfully but When I click on Links-Inbox I am presented with the 'A Service error occurred.' error message.

I have been unable to find ANY help to explain what this message means.

What I'm hoping to figure out:

What does the 'A Service error occurred' error message mean?
Why can't I access my Inbox using the '' website?
How do I set things up so I can access my sent items (Sent) folder on my phone?
Since my email provider is not on the list but does provide push (IMAP IDLE) services can I set up my account to use this?
My last question is based on how disappointed I am with XPress Mail.  Is there a better mail program that will allow me to receive pushed emails from my personal email account and works with my AT&T Tilt (8925)?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: XPress Mail - Tilt - "A Service error occurred" error message

why do you post on an xpressmail forum and ask for a better mail program....
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