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X10a Android 2.1 Predictive Text Sucks!


X10a Android 2.1 Predictive Text Sucks!

Compared to the android 1.6 predictive text, the 2.1 upgrade sucks.  

In 1.6, by the 2nd or 3rd letter, the word I wanted would show up.  In 2.1, I have to type the entire word until it shows up.  The upgrade suggests other words with different spellings.  

How do I get back the previous predictive text?  Is predictive text associated with the keyboard you're using?  The keyboard also changed with the upgrade.  Recommend alternate keyboards please.

I've checked through the settings options for default and android keyboard trying different settings but nothing really changes much.

I love all the upgrade functionality except for the predictive text.  Any suggestions?

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Re: X10a Android 2.1 Predictive Text Sucks!

Perhaps the keyboard needs to re-populate the predictions.

Alternative keyboards: SwiftKey keyboard, Swype (you will need to sign up for their beta program). There are others out there. These are the ones that I either use or are aware of.
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: X10a Android 2.1 Predictive Text Sucks!

My favorite keyboard is "Smart Keyboard". It features alot more space between the keys and responds much more quickly than the stock keyboard. The predictive text is quite good. You can download a free trial from the market.

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Re: X10a Android 2.1 Predictive Text Sucks!

I also had assumed that the predictive text would have carried over from 1.6 but Sony decided to upgrade the whole keyboard.


When you long press on a letter to get another letter you have the slide your finger left or right to make you selection.  If you lift you finger before you get the desired character you have to do it also over again.


The same thing for when you long press the  period to get the abbreviated punctuation menu.


The best feature that was added to the keyboard it the edit feature if you are typing a word and want to add/remove a character or text. You simply tap a spot in the word and it will be enlarged in a window between the text entry window and the keyboard.  The cursor will appear in the same position as it does in the text entry window.  Now all you have to do is slide the word to the left or the right to position the cursor in the desired location



in 1.6 you could create a word library of words you wanted add to the preloaded library but in 2.1 you have to type the word then tap on it when it is highlighted blue for it to be learned by the keyboard.

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Re: X10a Android 2.1 Predictive Text Sucks!

Thanks.  I'm hoping that means once you've selected the blue word, then that will add it to the dictionary and show up next time you start.  So far I have to use the right or left arrow to scroll and hope the word is there, which is a waste of time.  Seems lame that Sony wouldn't just put the dictionary back in. 

Special thanks for the info about how to use the alternate text.  Even though I accidentally got that to happen in 1.6, didn't know how to make it happen when I wanted it to.  Especially, the punctuation...what a pain that was to switch between keyboards. Thanks.

I'll get back to you if I see any improvement on the predictive from after I load up my dictionary.

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