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Worst service ever


Worst service ever

This morning I received a notice of a software update on my Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket. Foolishly, I allowed the update to begin. Now, I've had my phone for 32 days and I love it. Well the update blew the firmware but it took a chat with Regina whose only advice was to wait two more hours, phone support from AT&T and Samsung. 5 hours later I was give the choice of sending my phone to Samsung to be reflashed or to trade for a refurb from AT&T. After agreeing to the refurb and listening to all the ominous warnings that I'll be charged more than $400 if they deem I've abused my phone


They broke my [word filter avoidance] phone! I will never allow another of their updates to load. If AT&T/Samsung cannot test there own software then why should I?


I lost a days work and I get a used phone for their screw-up and there is no compensation except their scripted apologies. I cannot wait until I can go back to Verizon. I don't believe they read these entries but it helps a little.


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Re: Worst service ever

Might want to check out a couple of the posts in this forum. It is pretty easy and fairly painless to reflash the stock SGH-I727 software back to your phone and you won't lose any data or have to send your phone in. Probably take about 30min or so to fix it.


I agree with you completely on this issue and it occurred on my SR as well. I was able to fix mine and retain all my data/settings. I really like the Samsung Galaxy S II SkyRocket, but I'm extremely dissappointed with customer service/technical support from both AT&T and Samsung.


It blows my mind that when I went to the warranty store they didn't already have a computer setup to quickly reflash these phones and get people back in business. I ended up having them overnight a phone to me and later that evening started doing a little research on my own and was able to fix it after a couple hours of searching around.


Truly pathetic on the part of AT&T and Samsung.

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