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Worst Customer Service Experience Ever


Worst Customer Service Experience Ever

I've been a loyal At&t Customer for years now. I've even dealt with the drop calls and no service at certain locations. This is the last straw though.


I ordered 2 Iphone 4GS's around 11 am MST. I received an email for the accepting the Terms and Agreements. Every single time I tried to accept it a error came up as..


TC009: We did not find a pending request to accept terms & conditions for the telephone number, email and zip code provided. If you have already accepted terms & conditions for this telephone number, AT&T has begun processing the order and you will receive order confirmation by email. If you have not previously accepted for this telephone number, please check your entries and try again. Please note: Acceptance is required only for the telephone number(s) listed on the email sent to you. Do not attempt to accept terms and conditions for telephone numbers not listed on the email. Your entire order will begin processing once you have completed acceptance for the telephone numbers listed on the email.



I called back to customer service and they were unable to help me and told me to wait a day to see if I can approve it then. I decided not to take their advice because knowing how this phone is in demand I wanted to make sure that I could get it on the 14th instead of waiting weeks for the phone. I went into a At&T store that afternoon after work and they approved the Terms and Conditions through the IVR. Why couldn't the phone customer representative told me that option when I called back that morning? Now since I agreed to the terms of conditions after 4 pm that day, they have told me I will not receive my phone until 14 days later. I would of been left in the dark about this but this morning I received yet another email letting me know to accept the terms and agreement. This is frustrating, annoying, and have now left me in a bad position.


Since I can't get the phone when I would like to I have decided to cancel my service with this company. Yet they will not let me cancel my order until it has arrived. Why won't it be canceled when I HAVE NOT RECEIVED the phone let alone YOU GUYS ARE NOT GOING TO SHIP IT until a later date.



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Re: Worst Customer Service Experience Ever

Did you order online or at the brick and mortar store?

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Re: Worst Customer Service Experience Ever

Silly reason to cancel, your going to get your phone eventually.... can you really not wait a couple weeks for your phone to come in? Patience is a virtue, your not going to fall over and die if you don't have your phone on the 14th. And plus if you ordered your phone on 10/07 at 11am MST then your phone is going to come in on the 14th or maybe the 15th, the T&C's just need to be accepted so the device will ship, has nothing to do with when the order will ship (of course unless you don't accept them at all, then the device will never ship). Now if you ordered on 10/08 or any day after that, you have a 14-21 day waiting period due to the overwhelming demand of preorders, and what did you expect? AT&T doesn't have millions of iphone 4s in a huge warehouse, they have limited supply. Once that runs out they order more from Apple and you get your phone and everyone is happy.

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Re: Worst Customer Service Experience Ever

You're canceling service because you can't get the phone on the exact day that it comes out? Well, good luck. Hope the switch turns out to be a positive move for you.

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Re: Worst Customer Service Experience Ever

It can be frustrating when things don't go smoothly. Will moving to another carrier get you the phone faster?


CSR says wait a day to approve T&Cs online: you don't believe it

CSR says since you approved T&Cs after 4PM you have to wait 14 days: you DO believe it.


Why would you believe the second CSR but not the first?

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Re: Worst Customer Service Experience Ever

I'd be fit to be tied too.  Smiley Sad I just don't know if cancelling is going to help at this point.


If your phone is on the way, just stay with them.


Sorry this happened.  AT&T is still the only place we can surf and talk on the phone.


If you jump ship (like someone else said) I wish you the best.

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Re: Worst Customer Service Experience Ever

Yes I COMPLETELY AGREE and no he/she is not exagerrating! I have had to order the iphone twice because it appears that not all the people working at AT&T are competent enough to do a simple thing like an order correctly. The first lady did not even take my credit card details down apparently without which you cannot order the phone. I got a semi-competent CSR on Monday, who took all the necessary details down but I have not received any email with terms and conditions yet, when I call they tell me to wait 72 hours because they are too lazy to check before that. I will call tomorrow and update you all, but I know its going to be another long, frustrating battle with some dim witted CSRs.

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Re: Worst Customer Service Experience Ever

This is what I did.

1) I filed a complaint with the Better Business Beareau.

2) I filled a complaint with the FCC.

3) I filled a complaint with California State Department of Justice, Attorney General's Office.
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Re: Worst Customer Service Experience Ever

I am going through the EXACT same thing. Ordered over the weekend and was supposed to have my order processed TODAY due to their before 4pm thing. Nope. Didn't receive it. Each representative I spoke to had NO IDEA what order I was talking about. And each of them transferred me to the same people who claimed they can not help. Now I have to drive nearly an hour, just to REPURCHASE the phone. And then WAIT 21 days for my original order to cancel. All because they refuse to allow me to accept the terms and agreements? AT&T really has terrible customer service. Either the representatives are incredibly stupid or lazy. Either way, they're begining to because a huge pain. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE ABOUT THOSE UNHELPFUL REPRESENTATIVES!!

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