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Wish to assume responsibility for lines not under contract, absurd deposit required!


Wish to assume responsibility for lines not under contract, absurd deposit required!


Sometime back in 2008 I was asked by my company to test a new AT&T Phone (The HTC TILT) for the company. I stopped at the local mall on my way home, and signed up for the account with the idea that if we did not like the phone we could cancel within 30 days, and if we did like it my company would assume responsibility of the contract and I had no obligations.


Well long story short.. we liked the phone, the company I worked for assumed responsibility of the account as planned and all was good. Well years later during a routine credit check I found that for whatever reason I had a collection that was due for ~150 bucks which was the initial payment due to AT&T .. For whatever reason it was not charged to my company, and I did not pay it at that time either. To settle on this debt owed I payed the bill out of my pocket (This was early 2010) and went on my way.


Fast forward to January 2011. My I moved to a new area, and my new employer prefers me to have AT&T.  I sign up and am told that I have to pay $800 deposit for my account due to this mix-up with my old company and there is nothing they can do about it.. Well I huff and puff, but eventually cough up the $800 deposit and all is ok.


Fast forward to this past Friday. My parents are AT&T customers as well and are in a financial burden. Their AT&T contracts are expired and they can cancel at anytime there is no contractual obligation on these lines. Regardless I'd prefer and offer to add them to my account, they keep their old phones, and this will let them have a cell phone, but not have the financial responsibilities. I call to start the transfer and am flabbergasted that they tell me I must pay $800 per line deposit (3 lines) to do this again due to this $100 dollar issue that was resolved years ago. I speak to customer service for almost 4 hours, and finally found Rob {personal content removed for safety} who looked into it, specifically told me my credit check was good and that the fees would be waived, but that it was too late in the evening to pursue the transfer and to call back on Monday.


So, I call back yesterday. I speak to a new representative who wants to run my credit yet again (This is the 5th time) Which I refuse as they have notes in the account that the deposit should be waived regardless.. The representative cannot assist me and I get transferred around again for 2 hours, and they finally touch base again with this Rob who said he is not even sure how he got this waived. I am totally disgusted at this point, and nobody at AT&T can get in touch with ANYBODY that has any idea how to resolve my issue...


As mentioned, I am trying to GIVE at&t business, and assume financial responsibility for phone lines that have NO contractual obligations and essentially am being told they'd rather them cancel their phone lines. I don't get it..


I would like to know who to contact at corporate, or who can help me get these lines into my name.. .Otherwise I will be forced to cancel my service with AT&T as well and move to another carrier so that I can help my parents keep a cell phone.



Can somebody please contact me about this if an AT&T representative that has any idea how to resolve this reads it, or if anybody knows of a # to call that will get me to a department that I'm allowed to talk to that has decision making abilities it'd be great.. .I just dont know what else to do..



Sincerely, Richard


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Re: Wish to assume responsibility for lines not under contract, absurd deposit required!

Hi Richard, 


Will you please send me a private message with your name, account number, your contact phone number and the best time to contact you?


Let's get you in touch with someone who can help out. 


As of May 1st, I am no longer serving as the Community Manager for AT&T. This account will no longer be able to accept private messages.

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