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Windows Phone update 8112


Windows Phone update 8112

Since AT&T has done such a SLOW, horrible job testing 8107 (and everything after 7720), it looks like the solution is to update all of our devices to 8112 since that version has obviously been cleared to run on their oversold network as the Lumia 900 and Titan II are both shipping with it.  So obviously, that has been tested and cleared.


That being said, where's our update?


Thanks for singlehandedly killing Windows Phone in the U.S. We won't forget you for it.



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Re: Windows Phone update 8112

AT&T said they are bundling all of the small updates into 1 big update and will release it with the next major windows phone update which is Tango that is rumored to be released by the carriers in June. 8112 on the Lumia 900 is just Mango Commercial Refresh 2, all it adds is LTE connectivity. The Lumia 900 and all new windows phones still have the disappearing keyboard and other bugs and glitches. Microsoft is also rumored to have set the June date for the Tango release because the carriers are currently testing it and they dont want to have a problem like the did with Mango. Most likely every carrier will roll out Tango at the same time.

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Re: Windows Phone update 8112

I'd like to believe that.  AT&T also had promised us the previous updates as well all the way up to the last release.  Now they're saying they are rolling them all into the latest.  Quite simply, they have not demonstrated that they care or will.  Assuming they do however, how long before they release the NEXT update after that?  Next update?  Next major release?  Next year? 

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Re: Windows Phone update 8112

I know, I hope Microsoft takes control away from the carriers because since the iPhone is causing AT&T and Verizon to pay huge subsidies, they both want windows phone to succeed because it will benefit them financially so Microsoft now has levergae in controlling AT&T and Verizon.

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Re: Windows Phone update 8112

Will unlocked mobiles like focus can also be updated with this  version of update ????

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Re: Windows Phone update 8112

If it is a carrier phone which is merely unlocked to use another carrier's SIM, you are still bound by AT&T's stranglehold.  If you buy a carrier agnostic unlocked phone you will get updates immediately as they are available.  

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