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Windows Phone - no data and trouble with wireless


Windows Phone - no data and trouble with wireless

Hi. I have a Samsung focus flash pre-paid and and am unable to access data. Yes, I bought a data plan. My wireless works great at home, but the phone doesn't seem to connect to wireless networks other places even when I type in the correct password. 


I have tried turning the "cellular data" on and off, resetting the phone and still have no data. When I check my settings it tells me that the active network is AT & T. 


Thanks for any help. I am kind of in love with the Windows Phone and hope this will get resolved. And something I just though of - I'm NOT using the sim that came with the phone, but one from an older phone (also a smartphone). I wonder if that might be part of the problem??



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Re: Windows Phone - no data and trouble with wireless

Is the SIM that came with your Focus Flash labeled or titled as a "4G" SIM card? It could be the problem...

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