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Windows Phone Update Question


Windows Phone Update Question

I'd like to get the most out of my Windows Phone by having it get updated to build 8107.


When will this happen?  AT&T already skipped one update, is this the kind of "support" we can expect from AT&T?



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Re: Windows Phone Update Question

I thought it was just me and my phone, today I found out so much going on the HTC, Microsoft and now this forum, sounds like this is not somthing that is going to get fixed, HTC support told me they didnt even know about a Zune freezing phone issue.... time to find a new phone, carrier and music supplier me thinks!

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Re: Windows Phone Update Question

@mroell: Short answer? Yes. Evidence? Go back a while in any of the manufacturer specific sections of this forum and you'll see the same complaints (some even from me) over and over and over and....
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