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Windows Phone 7 and AT&T Bloatware


Windows Phone 7 and AT&T Bloatware

I recently read an article ( ) about the pitfalls of the Android operating system.  Because it's open source, the carriers are making proprietary changes to the OS and then you're no longer running open source.  I think this cinches it for me - I'm not going to buy an Android phone.

As my aging AT&T Tilt is going to be replaced, I'm waiting for Windows Phone 7 to make up my mind what my next phone is.  Windows Phone 7 is now slated for October 11, and phones will be available shortly after that, I'm sure.

On my Tilt, it's relatively easy to remove all the AT&T Bloatware.  Will this be the same on Windows Phone 7?  What sort of Bloatware will be installed, does anybody know?

I use my phone as a PIM, a simple GPS, checking email, and an RSS newsreader.  I'm not interested in EA Sims games, renting Blockbuster movies or any other non-requested software.  If it's likely AT&T will go the permanent bloatware route on the Windows Phone 7, then I'll change to the iPhone where Apple doesn't load the same bloatware.

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Re: Windows Phone 7 and AT&T Bloatware

If you're a longtime WM user, there is a good chance you are of the camp that is accustomed to registry edits or even full ROM flashes.  If that's the case, than the amount of bloat that may/may not be on an Android phone is a non-issue.  The article you link says there is bloatware that "can't even be uninstalled", but that's a relative term.  If you root the phone, it can be done fairly easily based on a quick read of a couple threads on XDA (not based on personal experience).  Of course, a custom ROM will give you an even cleaner phone (but understandably not for everyone).


Of course, if you're not the type to fiddle with the phone in such ways, they you may indeed be stuck with the bloat.  Although, the folks on XDA seem pretty talented about making easier ways to uninstall bloatware, like the Crud Scraper app for the Tilt2.  So maybe all is not lost, even in this case.


Apple has their own form of bloatware, its installed on your desktop computer.   You can't even power on an iPhone without first installing Apple's almost 100 Mb bloatware known as iTunes (along with all the garbage you don't need, like Quicktime, Bonjour, etc.).  To me, that is more frustrating than a couple trial games that you may/may not be able to remove from your phone.  I don't understand how what is basically just a music player plus a phone sync tool has grown to almost 1/10 a GB in size.  Plus, there is the iTunesHelper process that gets dumped into the Windows Startup folder, which constantly runs in the background and unnecessarily accesses the internet (supposedly, just to make iTunes "faster to open").

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Re: Windows Phone 7 and AT&T Bloatware

WP7 will be more of a closed system so don't expect to be able to root or hack it.  Not saying it can't be done...but we won't know for sure until it is released.

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Re: Windows Phone 7 and AT&T Bloatware

I understand about the iTunes bloatware.  All I have is a little Apple Shuffle, but to sync music to it requires 100 meg iTunes.  What do I need with music sharing services or Quicktime?

WinPhone7 is still an unknown, so I dunno whether the XDA folks will be able to help.  I'm not as familiar with Android.  For AT&T / Android phones, do the XDA folks have tools to cleanup the phone?

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Re: Windows Phone 7 and AT&T Bloatware

No phone exists that hasn't been hacked.  Even the iPhone's supposed closed architecture can be easily jailbroken (they have simple on-click solutions to do this now) and loaded with custom firmware.  Its only a matter of time before the guys at XDA bust open WP7.


I don't know if they is an app like Crud Scraper for Android.  But from the threads I read about cleaning bloatware, it seemed pretty simple once the phone was rooted.

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Re: Windows Phone 7 and AT&T Bloatware

You can root the Captivate and get Titanium backup from the market and uninstall anything on the phone...including bloatware. And the Captivate is extremely easy to root.
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