Will we get two versions of the GS3?


Will we get two versions of the GS3?

Any word on if we will get both the HSDPA+ and LTE versions like the GS2? I am hoping AT&T releases both so people like myself who do not live in an LTE market can get the quadcore.

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Re: Will we get two versions of the GS3?

My guess is no, like you I'm not in a LTE area but I think AT&T is hoping to expand LTE to the point where "most" users will have it... Honestly this is a non-factor for me, the quad core should still make it faster then my GSII anyway when it comes to data transfers and all the other goodies this phone has over the GS2 makes it worth overlooking the LTE issue... I'd be worried if they do offer a non-LTE version it will be dual core instead of the quad.. What I imagine we won't get with the AT&T version over the internationally version is no hard home button as they did with the GS2, that disappoints me, I'd love to have that [Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate]... Heck I'm contemplating selling my GS2 when the unlocked GS3 becomes available here in the US and paying full price, then I'm guaranteed the hard button, quad core, non-LTE and no bloat ware, my GS2 is pristine and should fetch a very good price(screen cover & case since day one pays off lol)...

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Re: Will we get two versions of the GS3?

I have a feeling the I777 will be the last decent Samsung phone AT&T customers see with subsidy for a long time.


I suspect AT&T customers will only get the LTE-crippled (poor battery life, inferior CPU) version.

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Re: Will we get two versions of the GS3?

I guess I'll just be waiting for the Note 2 to come out and hope that it is a beast phone. If I wanted an S4 processor I would hop on the HTC One X bandwagon. At least HTC tries to roll out updates quicker.

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