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Wierd iPhone replace/upgrade problem


Wierd iPhone replace/upgrade problem

I sense I will be in this situation soon. Suggest what I should do.


Me and my three friends will buy a Family Plan (say 700minutes one) on a 2-year contract with one of us being the primary line and others being additional lines. All four of us will buy some silly phone each(meaning non-smartphone). After 15 days iPhone 5 will be released and we feel like buying it. Now, can all of us buy the new iPhone with subsidized rates?

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Re: Wierd iPhone replace/upgrade problem

Nothing about signing up for a new account requires the customer to purchase a new device.

It is possible to start a new account and bring an existing, compatible device.

Then when a device that you want is released, there is no contractual obligation and you can upgrade and recieve the full subsidized price.

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Re: Wierd iPhone replace/upgrade problem

Thanks for your suggestion.


But, I want to know what happens if I do buy some phone. Until I wait for the phone I want, I must have some phone. I don't have any compatible phone at present.

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Re: Wierd iPhone replace/upgrade problem

Although, if you all buy your non-smartphones at a discounted price and are outside the exchange period, you're stuck. Why go through all the games in the first place? If you and your 3 buddies aren't AT&T customers now, why not wait until the next iPhone is released and then sign up as new customers to get the full discount? What exactly are you trying to do here?
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Re: Wierd iPhone replace/upgrade problem



Based on your reply, I conclude that "If you get a phone at a discounted price, then you have to wait fro a certain amount of time till you get your next discounted upgrade. If not, i.e., if you have paid for the phone without any discount, then you are eligible for the discounted upgrade."


The problem is I can't just wait for the iPhone since I don't have any phone at the moment.


If this conclusion is correct, then my problem is solved.

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