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WiFi Confusion :>0


WiFi Confusion :>0



Can someone help us please


 We brought home AT&It's MiFi HotSpot to help us get faster internet as we have been stuck on a slow dial-up connection for years.


The first thing we did was read the instructions and plug it in to get charged. My daughter was visiting with her new laptop and it picked up our MiFi signal just as soon as she opened her laptop! Next we opened our Wii and it too had no problem picking up the MiFi signal.


We spent 2 days trying to get our desktop PC, that runs on Windows XP, to connect to the HotSpot's Wifi signal with absolutely no success. We tried hard to pick up the Hotspot's WiFi connection by using the Windows XP "Wireless Network Setup Wizard" several times and at the very end of the Set Up Wizard, we would read the words


"The wizard completed successfully" and "Your wireless network is now ready to use. You have successfully set up the following devices:" 


Only there was no devices listed in the box, not one. Also we could find no evidence of a connection on the PC, not even an icon (sigh)


We hoped it would be helpful to get an adapter so we purchased a "Linksys Adapter". Which seemed to work fine but still failed to either acknowledge or find the HotSpot's WiFi signal. What we need now is a patient & kind person who is experienced in the HotSpot Wifi setup in Windows XP.


We have been paying for the Hotspot since December 24th and still don't have it hooked up!


 Kind Regards Smiley Happy


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Re: WiFi Confusion :>0

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