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Why would they get rid of the $75 refill option?


Why would they get rid of the $75 refill option?

I have been with go phone for over 3 years now and in the last 2 years I have always had my phone and my elderly mothers phone; who lives far away, auto drafted from my account each month for $75.00 (plus their 2.25 charges.


Now they are telling me that I will have to manual go in and refill either my Data or my Rate plan for each phone. I work full time and don't have the luxury to keep up with my cell phone bill that's why i have a carrier and auto refill.


I love my phone and felt comfortable knowing I never had to worry about my mother not having service. Now with these new refill adjustments I don't know if I can stay with AT&T.


I NEED RELIABLE UNCHANGING OPTIONS AND NOTIFICATIONS WHEN MY OPTIONS ARE GOING TO BE CANCELED. The new refills SUCK I want my $75 option back it is common sense anyway. Why would you remove an amount that totals the most expensicve packages you offer. If you are going to change your refills maybe you should make them in accordance with what rate and data plan packages total. Please change it back...Woman Mad

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Re: Why would they get rid of the $75 refill option?

Please tell us about your monthly talk and text plan and the packages you currently have. Please also tell us about the kind of phones you have. We may be able to help you.
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