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Why does tethering my iPhone 4 cost me ANYTHING?

Re: Why does tethering my iPhone 4 cost me ANYTHING?

Thankfully we also have the freedom to ask for better service plans, etc.

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Re: Why does tethering my iPhone 4 cost me ANYTHING?

It actually costs something for a automobile manufacturer to put OnStar on your car, and it cots something for OnStar to provide it's services.  It wouldn't cost AT&T anything to allow you to use up your 2 gigs of plan-limited data partially on your laptop rather than only on your phone.  Ever so slight a difference, no?

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Re: Why does tethering my iPhone 4 cost me ANYTHING?

To the OP:

Did u *really* spend 2hrs on phone w customer service asking why?!?

No wonder I'm always sitting on hold w customer
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Re: Why does tethering my iPhone 4 cost me ANYTHING?

johninsj wrote:


Hey - quick question... why does comcast charge extra for HBO?


Why do theaters charge for popcorn?


Gasoline... why is it expensive?


Magnets... how do they work?


I mean, really, come on. Wireless data is a service you buy. So is tethering AKA hotspot access. Buy it or don't buy it, but asking why AT&T charges for it? Is today your first day in the USA?



And while we’re asking questions…


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The most likely answer to your question is that AT&T (or
any provider) prices their unlimited data plans based on charted statistical probabilities
of bandwidth use. The very nature of a Smartphone, with its small[er] screen
and cumbersome controls, dictates that usage of an “unlimited” data plan will
be significantly lower than usage from a laptop. If this were not the case,
tethering would neither be needed nor desired.


There is a legitimate and measurable cost to providing data
services. More connections and longer durations lead to higher bandwidth and increased
cost to maintain reliable service. By allowing tethering to an “unlimited” data
plan that was priced for phone use, providers would be opening themselves up to
significant loss.



No, tethering is not a service. It is a hardware feature
that is built into the iPhone; a feature that has been hijacked by a cellular
service provider.


Unlike the author of this thread, I’m on a 2GB data plan. I
pay a monthly fee for a pre-defined amount of data service. Since I am paying an
agreed upon price for a fixed amount of product (in this case, data access) it
is absolutely none of AT&T’s business how I access that product once it
enters my iPhone.


Once upon a time, the phone company owned all the phones in the
customer’s house. In much the same way, the PC on my desk at work belongs to
the company with whom I am employed. In that business model, the phone company
has the right to dictate every aspect of how the device is used.


In today’s business model, however, I bought the iPhone and
it belongs to me. Charging a monthly fee to refrain from interfering with a
built-in function of my personal property is extortion.


If you truly want to draw accurate comparisons, you should


 “Why doesn’t AT&T
charge me a monthly fee to use my Bluetooth headset?”




“Why doesn’t AT&T charge me to use the speaker phone?”




“Why doesn’t AT&T charge me when I transfer iPhone
purchases to my laptop or from my laptop to my iPhone?”


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Re: Why does tethering my iPhone 4 cost me ANYTHING?

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