Why do I have to call to get an answer. What's this website for?


Why do I have to call to get an answer. What's this website for?

I'm pretty sure AT&T doesn't like me and should be fairly happy they are rid of me for the most part. A few months ago I canceled my home phone and internet services but I kept my GoPhone service, although sometimes I really want to let AT&T go altogether. And it's for a uniquely insane reason--LACK OF ADEQUATE CUSTOMER SERVICE. When you offer a service, you also offer sufficient help. And I would think that AT&T would know that everyone cannot be glued to a phone waiting for an operator to pick up. Yet, when you go to the website, there is no GoPhone help for even the simplest of questions. Why do I need to use an automated machine to give my personal info that the operator will ask me again once they come to the phone 10-20 minutes later? What's the purpose of the website again? What's the purpose of the chat function? Simple questions, like do your minutes roll over, and is there a cap on minutes that are added....no, you gotta call for all that. Even if you go to an AT&T store, THEY direct you to call for GoPhone questions. Moreover, there are no incentives or credits offered for pain and suffering. As a company, you do everything you can to keep your customers happy. Not sure where AT&T fits in the equation. And I'm still unsure of my basic GoPhone questions. Guess I'll get off the company website and CALL like they apparently want me to do.

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Re: Why do I have to call to get an answer. What's this website for?

You are right. Most people feel that AT&T lacks good customer support in the prepaid dept. It would be great if there's E-mail support from AT&T. As I recall, AT&T is now focused on improving the GoPhone experience. I hope that will improve soon.

For now, we are here to help you through this forum.
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