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Why are you terminating my contract after six years


Why are you terminating my contract after six years

Imagine my surprise when I called your company to pay my past due bill and I find out you want to charge me an additional $750.00 per line to reactivate my phones. You canceled my contract and I have not failed to pay all that I owe you for services rendered. I did not complain when you disconnected me due to nonpayment of my bill but now..... I feel after six years of faithful service with your company that you are being truly outrageous.Due to circumstances beyond my control I lost my job over a year ago and have been struggling with finances and with lawsuits pending in the courts. This has caused me to be late for the first time since starting business with your company and I have made payment as soon as the money became available. I am struggling to put food on the table, I need to have my celphone in order to find a job, my wife needs hers for emergencies, and my daughter needs hers in order to keep her job. We understand our part in this and are willing to work with you in any way we can but.... $750.00 per line is way outside the realm of possibility. Is there some way we could get our lines turned back on in order to finish our contract with your company and stay with att. If fees are to be assessed beyond what you have already charged us for nonpayment I am afraid we can't continue doing business with your company.  As I see things at this point in time You have decided to terminate my service without due process and I have not terminated our contract...Therefore there will not be a final bill or early termination fees because as I stated you terminated me not the other way around.

 Sincerely and with deep regrets I may have to say goodbye,

Paul {Personal content removed for your safety}

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Re: Why are you terminating my contract after six years

sounds like a deposit. your credit must not be as good as it was when you signed up. no way around a deposit
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