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Why AT&T eliminated my minitues?


Why AT&T eliminated my minitues?

11/24/201103:01:36 PM CSTPayment$25.00


12/01/201101:10:24 PM CSTAdjustment-$21.52

I charged my phone 24th on November, as my expiration date roll to Feburary 22nd,2012. However, Dec 01, I found my account balance zero. 21.52 dollars disappeared from my account. I checked my online refill history. the description under that action is called "Adjustment" without further informationl. I am frustrated by calling the customer service, where they put me on hold for more than 30 minutes and then told me the call was disconnected after 3 times mis-transfer. When I asked if there was alternative way I can solve this problem, for example, talk to the local ATT staff, the operator said no, this is the only way.


I could say ATT is such a large company and it seems there are a lot of flaws inside the prepaid service. Why there are only few representatives handling customer service? Why it's so hard to reach to the right person? This is not the first time I felt ATT is unfriendly to its customers. My problem is still unsolved after all.


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Re: Why AT&T eliminated my minitues?

i had the same issue. i just bought a gophone and added minutes on the 29th, and i got a text on the 1st saying that i needed to add minutes to my phone. i sent an email to the pay as you go help center, and i got a reply saying that they dont handle it, and that gophone doesnt have an email.

shouldnt the people whos customers have very limited minutes have an email so people can get a hold of them when they have no minutes?


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Re: Why AT&T eliminated my minitues?

It's weird that such a large amount of money would just disappear from your account out of the blue. Completely unfair, as well.

I also agree about a prepaid GoPhone e-mail address...AT&T really needs to add one. They should at least let their prepaid customers feel that there is some help out there instead of giving all the perks to their "valued" post paid users.

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Re: Why AT&T eliminated my minitues?

I have encountered a weird situation too. Back in October, three days before my account expired, I refilled my account. Then 2 days later, I got a text message saying that my account was about to expire and that I would need to refill my account. So I checked the balance online using my computer but found that my expiration date is next year in February.

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