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Whoops - There it is


Whoops - There it is

For the past month or more, all four cell phones in my home display a No Service message perhaps 80% of the time.  The remaining 20% it's four or five bars.     However, when I do have "Service" it reguarly takes three attempts to place a call - whether to voicemail or anyone else - usually the first two attempts are dropped after ten seconds of dead-quiet.


I've had the Microcell since January and it installed just fine.  Is this a sign that the microcell is defective, or is it a sign that ATT has messed something up.   And yes, all panel icons are greeen and I have unplugged it several times forcing a cold reboot.

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Re: Whoops - There it is

It's not just you. These problems are par for the course if you're in the groupof people for whom the Microcell doesn't work properly. There has yet to emerge a pattern we can discern as to who gets hit and AT&T has yet to even acknowledge that there are problems much less fix them. When I talked to them they said it would either work or it wouldn't, and if I didn't like it, I should sell it on eBay.
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