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Who knows how to contact the VP of Customer Service ... Loyal Customer Being Mistreated......


Who knows how to contact the VP of Customer Service ... Loyal Customer Being Mistreated......

Hello. Can any one help me with an email address to the VP of ATT customer care? I felt very mistreated by an employee at an ATT store and after being on hold for hours on end on two different calls, I just really need to get in touch with someone who can help resolve my issue or give me some honest answers to my problem. Here is the story. Sorry in advance for the grammar and tangents in the story. I am just so frustrated.


I was not due for an upgrade so I decided to buy a phone on Craigslist. I have the address and cell phone number to the person who sold me the phone. It was a 4G phone and I havent been getting certain features like 4G sign on the top right corner or that virtual voicemail feature, plus my phone was rebooting on its own and I called support and they said it was warranted until December, but I can get it and take it into the store and swap for a new one. I took my phone into the store and they said that maybe its the battery and then checked the battery and prongs and the rep told me that it might just be the battery and sent me home with an extra battery. I left the store and my internet was not connecting ...long story short... I went to a different ATT corporate store. Mind you, I didnt go to the first one because I live in Seattle and the one that the support people suggested the downtown store was near me and I agreed knowing that parking would be a headache and costly. That's beside the point. Anyways, I contacted ATT about the internet issue and they said it could possibly be a sim card issue because I don't have a 4G sim card and suggested me to go into the store to get a SIm card. I went to the ATT store again and they pulled up my account and gave me a new 4G sim card. The internet still didnt work and I had to call the customer service people the next day and everything was working perfectly. I love my phone, but the skyrocket that I have was a tad too big for my hand and it was hard for me to navigate. One of my friend said that he wanted something bigger and he has the Iphone 4 and since we were both on ATT he suggested that we just swap phones. Hey no big deal. We just meet at the ATT store I get a micro sim and he gets 4G sim and we would be all set. Well this is where the problem came.... 


A Rep who helped us was working on the computer with the SIm card and asked for our IDs and such he said he needs to go to the back room to get the Sim card. A few minutes later, a tall guy in street clothes came out and said " You have a stolen phone and I am going to have to take your phone from you. Now I was looking at my friend thinking... what in the heck? Well turns out that my phone was reported stolen back in February. Supposedly that guy in the street clothes was Manager of business sales or something. He did not pull to the side and tried to figure out how I ended up with the stolen phone, he didnt even spare me the humiliation that he caused by confronting me in the middle of the small store with a loud tone that "You have a stolen phone....." I was embarrased, shocked, confused, and words can not describe how I felt at that moment in time. He walked off and I asked him how he was able to find out that information and why I wasnt informed during the previous visits to the store that the phone was stolen. I even called support on the phone and customer service and they even put the IMEI number to my account?" Of course, I am going to have questions because it doesnt make sense how no other reps that I have come into contact with either by phone or in person have mentioned to me that my phone was stolen. He seemed annoyed that I asked him a question and questioned him about how he was able to get that information? Now wouldn't anybody in the right mind think that I went to two different stores and called support many times( all during the month of march, but remember the phone was reported stolen in February?), but it took him  to find out that the phone was stolen with a little "research" he said. I was curious how he was able to find out thats all. Please keep in mind that I was embarassed and it is not in my nature to be angry or loud in situations like this -even though I did have the right to. He said, " Don't take your frustration out on me, you should take it out on the person who sold you the phone!" I was completely appalled by his answer and his gestures. If the store had cameras, they will see my demeanor on there and how I was not yelling, pointing figures, or threatening in any way. For him to say that was completely uncalled for and unprofessional! I have never been into an ATT store where the manager was so unhelpful and so quick to assume that it was my fault. He said something about filing a police report and I left my number for him to call me so that I can help with the report and so far he hasnt given me a call. The manager of that store was not helpful at all and kinda left me without offering suggestions as to what I needed to do even though I said that I am without a phone. I told him I have been a great customer for many years who shells out 250+ dollars a month on service and that this has never happened to me -- basically trying to let him know that hey... I am a good person and it is not my fault . He was very patronizing in a way where he wouldnt say something to my face but use an example to compare to the current situation... well.. he said " Just the other day, a galaxy note was stolen from his store. There are a lot of meth heads around the area." To me he made it seem like he was assuming that I was a meth head because I do live in the area. I live near downtown Seattle, so not all of us including me are meth heads. I am a college grad and Pre-Med student who cant afford having a phone taken away and with no offer of a replacement. All he said was, " instead of spending 350 on that phone I could have added an extra 250+ to get the phone brand new and its better then being out 350 and couldnt believe he gave me a smirk! Anways, I was careful with my transaction and even had the phone activated before purchasing because I am aware of things like thieves selling stolen phones. I would have saved 350 dollars if I wasnt able to activate the phone when I originally brought it into the ATT store. How cautious can a person be? What really gets me is that no one told me my phone was stolen even after it was reported stolen. Wouldn't the ATT rep at the first store I went to confiscate the phone? How was that manager able to find out that the phone was stolen and not any other reps? I spoke with reps over the phone and online and they said that they were not able to see that the phone was stolen. It makes me wonder whether or not the phone was actually stolen. I left the store in tears because I couldnt believe the way I was treated and how the manager of the store did not make the situation better by at least being a little more sympathetic and consoling. I kind of got the feeling that he just new that it was my fault and his attitude surely showed it because he acted like I was never an ATT customer to begin with. If it wasnt for many other great experiences that I have had with ATT, I would have cancelled all my lines and go with a different company all together. I really want there to be a certain resolution to this and possibly some answers. I need some sort of proof that the phone was stolen and that it is  legal for an ATT rep to take my phone away from me without showing me proof. I know that shoplifters are escorted discreetly, but why wasnt he discreet about my situation and on top of that accuse me of putting the frustration on him. I was humilated and in tears! I came home called customer service and talked to a lady that showed so much symapthy for me. They were trying to research the issue out and I waited for what seems like forever (approx 1.5 hours+), but to no avail, she had to tell me that her manager needed to contact the manager of the store and do more research with the situation and assured me that the manager will call me back that day. Well, I got no call from the manager after 3.5 hours and decided to call back again. I was placed on hold yet again and just the reps looking at the notes and going back and forth between the manager, I was on the phone for another hour or so. I just told the rep about my situation and he did say it was odd how they took my phone away without the proof and it wasnt a policy of ATT to take phones like that. Also, they cant see whether or not a phone was stolen on their computer anyways. This all came from the rep's mouth. I even chatted with a rep to get the IMEI number off my phone since I want to make sure that everything stays the same and the person on the chat too showed much sympathy and said that it was odd how my phone was taken away from me. This is from the chat:

If you purchased that device from a friend, they should not be able to take that device, I've never heard of such a procedure, you stated the store manager confiscated your device ?" He also said that they cant see that the phone was stolen. Now, three different reps told me this and it makes me question the actions of the manager at the store and whether or not he was following company protocol or even if there was such a procedure? I need proof that the phone was stolen so that I can contact the police department to file a report on the person who sold the phone to me. So far, I am without a phone.. which is my primary phone. I have no contact with my family, people at work, or school affiliated calls. Can someone please supply me with someone higher than the call center managers or reps? It seems like I will be given the run around if I dont find someone who can truly help me. Thanks in advance to those that can help!

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Re: Who knows how to contact the VP of Customer Service ... Loyal Customer Being Mistreated......

Thank you for the detailed information, I'm sorry to hear you'd have such a difficult time with this. 


Will you please send me a private message with your name, account number, phone number and the best time to contact you? I'd like to have a member of our team contact you directly to help get this sorted out. 

To send a private message, you can either click on the link in this message or click on the little blue envelope in the upper right hand corner, click "compose new message" and type my username in the "Send To" field.


As of May 1st, I am no longer serving as the Community Manager for AT&T. This account will no longer be able to accept private messages.

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