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Who Has the Android 2.2.2 Update?


Who Has the Android 2.2.2 Update?

I received the 2.2.2 update today. Has anyone else received theirs? How did your update go?
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Re: Who Has the Android 2.2.2 Update?

I've had it for two weeks with my Samsung Captivate and since the update have had nothing but issues, specifically as it pertains to the WiFi. Since the update my WiFi doesn't work and i've gone through 2 warranty replacement phones already (this was the only fix AT&T could come up with). I was then sent to Samsung and after waiting on hold for a hour and a half, was told they have no record of any issue of this type. Both of my sons have the same exact phone, same exact model, but Andriod version 2.1 and neither has any issues. I've asked both AT&T and Samsung to downgrade my version to 2.1 and they said they can't (once a phone has 2.2, then it's stuck there). At this point I'm speaking with Insurance to see if they will trash the phone and allow me to get a new one from the AT&T store. Hope you have better luck with version 2.2 than I have.

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Re: Who Has the Android 2.2.2 Update?

Wkahlic I have heard others too have had issues with 2.2.2 update. Some have reported media sound has diminished, otbers have reported battery drainage due to additional proccesses constantly running. There was a bug with oovoo but not sure if that was fixed. All in all, once the phone is updated to the latest format, you will have to reroot and flash your phone back to a previous version. I am sticking with 2.2.1 (or 2.2) for now. That update notification can sit on my screen. I am not updating.
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Re: Who Has the Android 2.2.2 Update?

Wkahloic, I dont know if this wil clear up your issie but some have posted that , recalibrating the phone screen worked for them. This was one resolution for a Dell Streak after it was updated to 2.2.2 wouldnt hurt to recalibrate your screen and see if anything seem to be resolved.

But I cant see what screen calibration has to do with wi fi connection, but wouldnt hurt to give it a try.
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