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White iPhone 4 to release this week.


White iPhone 4 to release this week.

I'm sure you all have read the rumors like I have. I have called Apple a few times over the past several months to get any info I can about the white iPhone 4 and I always get the same info, we don't have any information when or if the white iPhone 4 will be released. I called this morning and got this reply; I can't comment on that at this time. I made this comment back, you can't comment because you don't have any info or you can't comment because Apple has told you not to. He laughed and said that Apple will not allow anyone to break any news regarding a new product. My reply; so you are launching the white iPhone, but you can't comment, right? He replied, just go to our website and you'll see something shortly.

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Re: White iPhone 4 to release this week.

I didn't have to wait for one. Go to they have decals for every phone and my black iPhone 4 is now white!
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Re: White iPhone 4 to release this week.


Wild Banchi wrote:

Virtual wrote:

dwill05 wrote:


I just wonder how many people are going to jump on locking into a new 2 year contract now just to get a white one with a new iPhone likely coming out later this year.
BTW, get ready for the following posts:

I bought a black iPhone over 30 days ago, but wanted a white one. Will ATT let me exchange it?

Does the white iPhone have the secret antenna fix?

Or "I want the white iPhone but AT&T won't let me early upgrade" and the hundreds of times we'll read the word "loyal". Smiley Indifferent

That'd be sheer "stupidity" if that should be the case (customers locking themselves into a new two-year contract with their new WHITE iPhone 4 instead of the iPhone 5). Just saying, it's kind of common sense...



LOL--"stupidity" knows no bounds/limits of any kind...especially given the superficial society that we live in today.  But hey, we also live in a materialistic society as more power to these folks as to how they choose to spend their money.


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Re: White iPhone 4 to release this week.

Apparently, the white iPhone 4 is now available - I received an e-mail from Apple this morning. Since I cannot copy the content/image, I will just post what the message says...



The amazing iPhone 4.

Now available in white.

Buy Online

Order from the Apple Online Store, and we'll ship it free, directly to your door.

Buy at the Apple Retail Store

Visit your favorite Apple Retail Store, and we'll set it up just the way you like.


There was also an image of the iPhone 4 shown in white in the e-mail.


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Re: White iPhone 4 to release this week.

I was one of the few that bought the white Iphone 4 knowing the 5 MAY come out in Sept.  With all the unknowns regarding what it will look like and whether it will be a "game changer", I don't feel it was stupid to buy the white Iphone 4.  I did not buy the Iphone 4 when it originally came out because I really wanted the white one.


So what if IPhone 5 comes out this Sept - the 6 will be probably on it's heels in 2012 and I can get that one then.

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