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Which is better - using a AT&T Microcell or a VOIP?

Which is better - using a AT&T Microcell or a VOIP?

Which is better - using a AT&T Microcell or a VOIP?  After reading some of the issues in the forum, I am having doubts about AT&T?  Would it just be cheaper to get a Magic Jack or Vonage or Ooma?

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Re: Which is better - using a AT&T Microcell or a VOIP?

We went with the Microcell because it is about $5/mo cheaper than the unlimited Vonage plan, and it's just a little bit more convenient for people to call one number regardless of whether we're out or not, as well as always reaching the person to whom you want to talk.


I'd argue that if you take the problems the Microcell has into account that it probably is not worth it. We've stuck with it because it's going to be fixed any day now, though we have been telling ourselves that for almost a year and a half now.


If the Microcell were trouble-free, then we'd be saving even more because with the Microcell we were able to drop down to the 500 minute family plan instead of the 700. So the Microcell is actually a net savings of $15. In actual fact, we've not been able to entirely do away with Vonage, opting instead to keep their cheap 200 minute plan, which after taxes makes it about a wash, money wise.


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Re: Which is better - using a AT&T Microcell or a VOIP?

We got the Microcell for the same reason, we wanted to get rid of our Vonage line at the house, which we got because of the poor cell coverage we had in our area. Seemed like a perfect solution, use the Microcell and get rid of the cost of the Vonage line, and we got the Microcell for free cause we threatened to cancel our AT&T service if they didn't help us out. So here's what really has happened.


I had to upgrade my phone because although I had a data-capable phone, it wasn't 3G. So, now we're stuck in contract for another 2 years (however the phone was free). In the several months we've had this device, I have called AT&T tons of times, had my ISP working on our internet, etc, only to have the thing up for only one week straight till my power went out. I don't know what I did to make it work, but it hasn't worked since then. We still haven't cancelled our Vonage service cause I think my husband is waiting to see if this ever works. So that's where we're stuck at right now.


We would be paying for the cell phones anyway, so it seemed to make sense to get rid of the Vonage, but since these things rarely work, I would recommend waiting till they improve their service get a VOIP line.

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Re: Which is better - using a AT&T Microcell or a VOIP?

If you are getting the Microcell for the unlimited calling, it may not work well.  I tried to do that in my apartment, when I had a fair signal, and had almost all of my calls dropped.  I then brought it to my girlfreinds house, where the signal was bad, and it is working great.  There seems to be a problem on the handoff between the microcell/macro network, so if you get in a situation where you are between the networks, your call drops.

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