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Which Phone Would Be Good?


Which Phone Would Be Good?

I have a friend whose old Nokia 6170 is failing and is looking at getting another phone.  However, the phone that this friend has now is just a basic phone with some bells and whistles.  All he wants is someting that is basic that makes and receives calls.  He is not all into the texting, instant messaging, and the like.  He prefers something that has physical buttons, not a touch screen, like what my phone is (Samsung Solstice 2).  What are some good phones that you all recommend?  

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Re: Which Phone Would Be Good?



Maybe something like the Nokia Mural would suit your friend? I know that another poster that roams around here from time to time, Dcookie is the name, has the Mural and loves it. It's a more upscale flip phone, but it is now discontinued from the sale by AT&T. I can make other recommendations if you'd like, too.


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Re: Which Phone Would Be Good?

Maybe the Motorola Tundra or Samsung Rugby.  They are ugly phones, but offer basic functionality and are rugged eonough that they should last forever, no matter what you do to them.

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Re: Which Phone Would Be Good?

Thanks for the suggestions.  I will run these by my friend and see what he says.  Those sound like great choices so far.

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