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Which HTC phone


Which HTC phone

without going in to too much detail as to why, I want an HTC android phone that has a front facing camera and will work on ATT's 3G network. I love the Inspire, but no front facing camera. Had the MyTouch 4G unlocked, but no 3G data with ATT. I would love something exactly like the Inspire but with secondary camera. Hmmm. any ideas out there?

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Re: Which HTC phone

The Bell Canada version of the Sensation is compatible with AT&T's 3G, and has a front facing camera.  It will cost you a pretty penny, but this is an awesome looking phone.  If I had to buy a phone today, I think this is what I would get.



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Re: Which HTC phone

The Nexus S with AT&T 3G bands from Best Buy might also have a front facing camera. Unfortunately it is made by Samsung as well since you were looking for an HTC phone.
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: Which HTC phone

Come on Congressman, you can take pictures of yourself in the mirror with the rear facing camera and post them on line!

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Re: Which HTC phone

 ha ha ha that's funny!

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