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Where is the LG Expo!?


Where is the LG Expo!?

Press releases from November 30th to present stated that the Expo would be available December 7th. I'm a Premier customer and the Expo is nowhere to be found on the business or personal sites. I have a Fuze and skipped the Tilt 2 to wait for the Expo and now AT&T isn't meeting their stated press release date. What gives!?
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Re: Where is the LG Expo!?

Yes, it may not be AT&T's fault for a delay, but it is definitely their fault for poor communication and lack of an explination.  A short one paragraph blurb would downplay the rumors and regain customer loyalty.  I was really excited about this phone and when I went to order one, could no longer find it online.  I went to a store and they had never even heard of it.  They tried to push some lame Samsung on me.  I'm a long time Palm PDA user and reluctantly added the phone when I purchased the Tilt.  I've enjoyed melding the two together, and lived with some of the negatives.  But to me the phone is secondary, not the PDA.  So to give me the alternative of a tiny screen and almost unusable keyboard while rolling your eyes at a touch screen is pretty insulting.  I'm looking at switching to Verizon.  They still have Palms.

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Re: Where is the LG Expo!?

wow it turns out that the lg expo is finally back online at the personal store

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