Where is the Blackberry Bold 9700 Mute Button?


Where is the Blackberry Bold 9700 Mute Button?

this is driving me Crazy. The manual talks about a Mute button on "top" of the phone.  Mine has nothing at the Top of the device.  On one of the Crackberry forums it says it is not really a button but an icon.  Can't find that either. 


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Re: Where is the Blackberry Bold 9700 Mute Button?

solved it myself.



Google shows that oodles of people are looking for this answer.  For those who can't find it either,  a photo halfway down the page here http://www.pocketberry.com/2009/11/05/t-mobile-blackberry-bold-9700-review/ shows where it is.  It is a HIDDEN  button.  HIDDEN underneath the plastic at the top rightr of the phone just above the flashing LED light.  You won't see it.  You can only feel it.  Apparently there is a lock button on the top left.  


It would have been nice of RIM to have a photo in their manual to show where these things are rather than just mentioning them.  Wasted a lot of time on that one.

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