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When Is Your Next Upgrade? (keep an eye on it, mine changed last year)


When Is Your Next Upgrade? (keep an eye on it, mine changed last year)

I have an upgrade due on one of my  lines on 06/22/2011 and the second line on 11/02/2011.  Not sure if any new phones will be out in November , but for the 06/22 upgrade, I am going to get another DELL Streak from (if not Amazon). 


Also keeping an eye and documenting the posted upgrade date because last year (with no modifications or changes Ive made to my account or services) got adjusted at ATT. It jumped from one date to almost a year out.  It got resolved after a talk with CSR/Manager.  Just don't want that "mishap" again, especially that a redesigned website is about to launch (info tend to get washed) 


So, When is your next upgrade and are you going to jump on the current phones, hold out for something new later on (or jumping off the boat altogether...)

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Re: When Is Your Next Upgrade? (keep an eye on it, mine changed last year)

I love the 5in screen on the streak. Somehow Id like my 4.3in screen to be a little bigger. But there are some amazing new phones coming. The HTC Sensation will have dual core,qHD display.FFcamera,etc. The 4.5in SS Infuse will be out in may. TMO is getting the sensation,so ATT should soon follow. Try to wait till Aug when supposedly ATT will have LTE. I hate that Im gonna need to BUY a new phone since my NEW 4G phone isnt going to work on ATTs shiny new LTE system. Planned obsolecence is in play these days. Big time. Something better is coming real soon.

So they tried to make you wait an additional year before upgrade.... have em check the noteation. Who was responsible for that?

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Re: When Is Your Next Upgrade? (keep an eye on it, mine changed last year)

Yep I am hooked on the screen size, crisp dislay, flash 10.2, and the 5.2 flash camcorder not bad . Those I have called have noticed huge voice quality from my old phone. They think I am at the office on the phone when I am cracking my toes working from home. Lets hope att do good for the customers this year. We have endured a long time of system issues, updates, realligned charges, the works but never good selection of phones till now. I am looking forward to upcoming releases.

Yep when I called to inquire about my changed upgrade, I wanted to hear a csr explanation , knowing I would be asking for a mgr. csr said 'thats just how it is...' After getting a mgr online they said some updates made to att site, and while entering user upgrade statuses ( or is it stati?), mine got mistakenly changed. Had it changed back within the day.
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