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What will 3G get me?


What will 3G get me?

Regarding cellular telephone service, what will 3G do for me? Does it give better service and/or more coverage when making cell phone calls? Or is it for all the other fancy things like music and videos, etc.?


All I want a cell phone for is to make phone calls. Hands Free Bluetooth and the GoPhone are what's important for me, especially when we travel. I am trying to figure what phone will best meet my needs. Right now I am using Tracfone, but I really want the hands free usage which I can't get from Tracfone. My kids like to text me and my wife, but we are not texters ourselves.


So, do I want and/or need 3G when traveling via car from the Southwest to the Great Lakes regions of the U.S.?


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Re: What will 3G get me?

I guess I got my answer by driving over to the local AT&T storefront and asking them this question. I now know it is a good thing to have especially if I am travelling. Better receptions and service and wider coverage. I have now ordered a phone which should serve my needs (saw it in the store and had its features explained to me).

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Re: What will 3G get me?

faster internet and that is pretty much it. I usedto use 2G mainly since voice quality is the same but 3G is moreeasily congested as most people are on it.
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