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What is this ATT Text I just received?

What is this ATT Text I just received?

I ordered my 32g 4s black on 10/08 at 3pm at an ATT store. Been checking the status on the order page every so often, and it shows my phone pending shipment, backordered. No problem. Just now I get a text from ATT; "Thanks for your iPhone order! Remember, no need to visit a store. Your device will ship directly to the address stated on your confirmation email." Umm...I ordered the phone 6 days ago.

anyone else get a text like that? Also, I havent received a confirmation email that everyone keeps talking about....I received an order confirmation from ATT, a customer service survey, and a tutorial how to use the phone. None of which verify my shipping address......

Got a feeling I fell through the ATT cracks.....again

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Re: What is this ATT Text I just received?

just got the same txtmsg. ironically, got the msg right after i visited my att retail store and complained bitterly - several other people got there before me to complain. 


suspect that there was a large and loud contingent of pre-order customers (like me) who are really frustrated in the auto-backorder policy for people who pre-ordered on opening day, 10/7 at the retail store. 


besides hurting us, the customers, it really messes with the retail stores and their own employees. though it was pouring rain in Northern VA, turnout was miserable - you could just walk up to the counter to get your phone. very little customers at the att store (less than 10 people), but saw the line of people at the apple store just down the street - and that was at 10:30am!


in-store pre-order customers were the die-hards who really wanted this phone. yes, they were told that 14-21 days when they walked out of the store - even within 14 hours of release! but seeing how online att and apple folks were told the same thing and now enjoying their deliveries, how much worse can this get! was told that the instore system could not cancel the pre-order and create new order to get the phone...


so - what's the message - going to the att retail store is a waste of time and you get lowest priority. i like the reps at my att store - they are always helpful and go as far as they can. unfortunately, their company policy is really messing with them and turning away business to other outlets.


glad my daughter will be getting her iphone 4 today, at least. my son and i are stuck waiting another week or two!!!



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Re: What is this ATT Text I just received?

I recieved the same text.  The funny thing is I got the text while I was at the counter getting my new iPhone 4S at the ATT store.


My 64g white was backordered too, so instead of waiting, I just went to the ATT store and they cancelled my pre-order, and I just bought the phone at the store.

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Re: What is this ATT Text I just received?

I posted below that I got that text too. I don't think it means anything other than what it says. It's a generic message to those who pre-ordered trying to say, we're on top of it, your phone is fine, DON'T go into the store! lol

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Re: What is this ATT Text I just received?

I think you hit the nail on the head......thats exactly what ATT is  trying to avert.....people like me who are in route to the store to try to cancel the pre order and buy at the store today....

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