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What happened to the "Your service will end" letters?


What happened to the "Your service will end" letters?

Howdy, y'all,


I've been an AT&T Wireless customer for almost 10 years. Early last year, like 1000s of other 2G customers, I received the notification letters from a Rudoph ***, VP, Sales and Service, advising that it was "critical" that I "transition to a new phone and rate plan by August 31, 2011." To make a very long story shorter, my SMS was disabled, but voice service has continued. AT&T sent a new free Samsung A777, but I've never used it. I've continued to receive and pay for service under the same plan, but a new "virtual" contract that the AT&T retention rep said wasn't really a "contract," though the local store says is a contract.


Coupla questions: What ever happened to the unilateral "transition"? Can't find info about it, but might it have been rescinded because of negative publicity?


How can I start using the new A777? My old phone's battery life is shorter than ever.


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Thanks much,

The OC, SoCal.

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