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What happened to the Billing Page?

What happened to the Billing Page?

Not crazy about the billing pages, and here's why: 


-"Payment Method*    (*Required)". The asterisk is just stupid. Of course a payment method is required! I think having the verb "select" in front of "payment method" would make it clear that action is required of the user. Just sayin'. I know I looked at the page and just hit "NEXT" thinking that I was done. I'm sure I'm not the only one. "NEXT" is in a friendly blue bubble that makes you wanna click it. Who bothers reading the asterisk? I never read the asterisk. Usually it's there to tell me bad news, like how many calories were REALLY in that jar of Nutella I just scarfed down. 


-Next: I wasn't sure that I DID pay my bill. I followed the steps and waited for the green checkmark to show up on step three on the right hand side. Step one and two were checked off, but step three was highlighted in orange and there was no cute green checkmark to tell me I did a good job paying my bill. No friendly "NEXT" button, either. I wanna be rewarded for shelling out nearly $100 a month. I want my green checkmark. Or a thank-you message in a fluffy speech bubble. Or both! 


-Thirdly: I don't want to enroll in autopay. Not today, not tomorrow. Not on the first page of bill-pay, not on the second page of bill-pay. Not in a box, not with a fox. Not on a train, not on a train in the rain. You get the idea. Also, there was a big banner about AutoPay that made about as much sense as "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" (so...not much sense at all). The banner said, "Want one less bill in the mail? Enroll in AutoPay!" Well... I am enrolled in paperless billing! WHAT NOW, AUTOPAY??? WHAT NOW??? But in all seriousness, you may want to consider changing the wording on your AutoPay banner. 


I still love you guys, and I hope you don't take this personally, but your website needs some attention. <3

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Re: What happened to the Billing Page?

I try not to pay my bill on the ATT site...


Try the myAT&T mobile app (or from your phone), or a third party bill management site like or 

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