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What do you love about your Captivate?


What do you love about your Captivate?

Although we're all upset about the 2.2 update, or lack thereof, I still want to say something nice about my Captivate.


I think it's the best looking Galaxy S phone.  I appreciate it's physical design and shape as opposed to the knock-off iPhone looking style of the Vibrant, Epic, and Fascinate.


Also, I wanted to pass along that running the GPSRestore app provided by Samsung DID improve my GPS capabilities.  Remember to first make sure you're updated via Kies, then run GPSRestore in a clear open area where it can get a good lock on you.  So far so good, it's been dead on.  I understand this may not work for everyone, but it did for me.

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Re: What do you love about your Captivate?

I love that my Captivate works. At first I thought it was a little big, but I've gotten use to it.

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Re: What do you love about your Captivate?

I love the screen.

I love Android.

I love being able to customize my phone unlike the iPhone.

I love the apps (and the fact that mostof them come with a free version).

I love this phone.

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