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Warranty Phone Exchange


Warranty Phone Exchange

Hello there. I just got off the phone with an AT&T representative about one of my phones being really glitchy. It's an LG Xenon, and it turns off by itself all the time and flickers the screen. The lady said she would send in a new one, and all I have to do is return the one I have now in the same box. But she also mentioned that there is a $210 fee if they find that either I don't return the phone or if there is damage/abuse. I don't think there will be, but what are my options if there's something inside the phone that got cracked or has water or something? Do I have no choice but to pay the full $210? That's a bit much, I have to say. The Xenon is an old phone now, and goes for a lot less around stores than that. Maybe that's the retail value they still have it labeled as, but there's no way I would want to pay that much for a new Xenon when there's tons of phone that are way better for that price. Do they automatically charge that 210, or do they take however much they think the damage is? Or do I have an option of giving them their refurb phone back?


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Re: Warranty Phone Exchange

The fee is all or nothing.  If the phone has damage, then it has no warranty, and the fee is a processing fee for getting a replacement through the warranty program on a phone without a warranty.  Once you've returned your phone, the exchange is final and cannot be reversed.


The person who processed the exchange should have asked some very specific questions about the phone.  One of those specifics, a small round hole in the edge of the back of the phone, is the main way of seeing liquid damage.


Physical damage would generally be detectable without using any tools to disassemble the phone.  If somebody were to remove the battery, look inside any ports like the charging port, work any moving parts like the slider, and thoroughly inspect the the phone, would he or she say it has damage?  For the most part, physical damage includes any cracks, gouges, excessively deep or numerous scratches, damage to the display, and broken, missing, or loose parts.


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