Want to print out receipt for GoPhone payment


Want to print out receipt for GoPhone payment

I need to print out receipt for GoPhone account. FAQ did not help. When I log in to My AT&T or my bills, the page redirects to GoPhone page. I cannot print out my receipt there. If I click support there, I have to log in again and it redirects to the same GoPhone page.


Could you help me? I just need invoice or receipt.

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Re: Want to print out receipt for GoPhone payment

What is it that you need a copy of?  If it's an account refill, they do give an option to print a receipt once you've completed the refill.


If you just need a copy of some of your account information, history log, etc., have you tried copy/pasting the information you need into Word, etc. and then printing from there?  Or you could use something like PDFCreator to print the entire page.

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Re: Want to print out receipt for GoPhone payment

There has to be an easier way to get a copy of your billing statement. My company pays my mobile bill, but I need to expense it. I have to do a screen print and paste into Word, then create a PDF. Pain in the butt. They changed this whole website over a year ago and this print option was in the Summary section then. It was much better.

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