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WHY is is SO difficult to process an upgrade


WHY is is SO difficult to process an upgrade

I have been trying to upgrade my phone to a refurbished Samsung Galaxy SII for 9.99 for the last 3 hours and have basically been given the run around. Trying to purchase it online is futile - when you want to check out you can't b/c you have to add a data plan - it doesn't recognize the existing one you have and when you try to add one it tells you none are available then wipes out everything you did. When you call - they'll tell you that they can't process refurbished plans over the phone (WELL HOW THE HECK DO YOU SELL THEM?) - They'll give you the number for the premier service - which in turn doesn't work and promptly hangs up on you. I give up - at this point it is just easier for me to file an insurance claim. I wanted to use my upgrade since I am eligible, but I am moving overseas so didn't want to get a brand new phone. If I had a choice, I wouldn't join AT&T specifically b/c it's such a hassle.


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Re: WHY is is SO difficult to process an upgrade

Is the phone you're upgrading from a smartphone? Smartphones require a smartphone data plan, you can't use a non smartphone data plan on the GSII.

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Re: WHY is is SO difficult to process an upgrade

Yes, I have a smart phone currently and already have an active data plan. It just doesn't let you upgrade on the website b/c of some glitch and you can't order refurbished phones over the phone. No point.

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