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WAP/GPRS/MMS Settings for Unlocked HTC Ozone


WAP/GPRS/MMS Settings for Unlocked HTC Ozone

Here are the settings I have now.  I've tried various iterations of all of the settings on other boards and for other HTC/Windows Mobile phones but none have worked so far.  Where did I go wrong?


HTC Ozone (unlocked from Verizon), O/S is Windows Mobile 6.1


GSM Server Settings for MMS:


WAP Gateway:

Port: 80

Connect via: The Internet

Max. receiving size: 500K (I can't seem to be able to change this)

WAP version: WAP 2.0


GPRS Connection Settings:

Connects to: The Internet

Access point: wap.cingular

User name: <blank>

Password: <blank>

Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:

IP Address: <blank>


GPRS Authentication by: PAP (other option is CHAP)


Proxy Connection Settings:

Connects from: The Internet

Connects to: WAP Network

Proxy (nameSmiley Tongueort):

Type: HTTP

User name: <blank>

Password: <blank>





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Re: WAP/GPRS/MMS Settings for Unlocked HTC Ozone

Do voice calls work on AT&T's network?


I found these settings below, did you try them?


I haven't used my WM phone in quite a bit (a year).  But if you are really in a pinch I can fire it up when I get home (will need to charge it) and post the settings.

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