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W760A stopped taking pictures


W760A stopped taking pictures

My phone and camera worked great until now.  I took pictures earler this week.  Now all I can see is black in the viewer, and when I click to take the picture I am removed back to the menu.  I set up for frames - and the picture took because of the frame but was multi colored horizontal stripes - like an old tv gone bad.  Any ideas on how to fix?  I took out the battery to do a reset. 

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Re: W760A stopped taking pictures

You might need to send it to.Sony Ericsson for repair. Either that or buying another on eBay. Sounds like the camera software went bad. I hated that model phone;gave me all sorts of problems.
Hope this answers your problem,and I wish you lots of luck.
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Re: W760A stopped taking pictures

Not sure if you had solved your probelm, but I noticed the exact same problem some months back. But recently, it's gotten worse to the point of the speakerphone not working, then sveral buttons not working. Now it's gotten to the point of not being able to hear calls /operate the phone unless it's in the flip close mode (as if there's a connection problem when the phone is open), but even now, the call/cancel buttons rarely work with it even closed and the yes no buttons never work, and the menu center button rarely works.

This is my 2nd w760a phone, the first one started malfunctioning within 6 months of purchase (number buttons and 'c' button stopped functioning) back in 2010 and was replaced under warranty. Now it's too late to replace under warranty. This is an older phone so I doubt anyone would purchase this now, but just in case, DO NOT PURCHASE A SONY W760A. I can't speak for other Erikson Sony phones' but this one will cause nothing but headaches for you in the long run.
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