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VoiceMail Setup


VoiceMail Setup

when trying to set up my voicemail on a Samsung Galaxy S2 per the intructions, I'm supposed to tap/hold the the #1 on the phone keypad. This is supposed to take me to some prompts for the setup. However, it redials a wrong number I placed previously instead. This person is getting annoyed since I have now tried this several times. What's up with this??

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Re: VoiceMail Setup

Why don't you just call a CR from your phone (611), and have them set it up for you?


On another note, I sometimes have had problems, when using a touch screen & calling an automated reaches the point where it says "For such & such department, press 1." When I would do that, my phone(s) would call voice mail...

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Re: VoiceMail Setup

I just got my phone today as well (Samsung Galaxy S2) and am having the same problem...well, it doesn't call someone, but it does say "invalid MMI code" what ever that means. As far as calling 611, well I tried that, but I happened to have gotten my phone on a Sunday and they close early. This really sucks, as I am going out of town early and wanted it set up before I left. This isn't helping, but I am curious WHY AT&T is putting this new customer of theirs in such panic. Now I just got a message from them saying to go to another web site....funny the tutorial site for my phone is down today too...I hear Verison calling in the wind. I think they want me to yet another site.

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Re: VoiceMail Setup

If your phone dials a wrong number when holding down the 1 key, then you need to correct your voicemail box number, which can be obtained by calling 611. If your phone is asking for a message inbox number, then you don't have voicemail, and will need to call 611 for them to add it, or you could use VM alternatives such as Google voice, or AT&T Messages, which will solve the problem for you when you install and set up.
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