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Visual Voice Mail - Blackberry Torch


Visual Voice Mail - Blackberry Torch

I have a brand new Torch and am a new customer at AT&T with a brand new SIM.  My visual voice mail has not worked from day 1.  Countless hours on phone and chat trying to resolve.  Case pushed to next tier of support.  Suppose to be answered in 3 days.  Took 7.  And I got a "Case Resolved" text.  Which it was not.  I called to find out what was going on and that dept commented they had checked the network and no changes were required. Not sure how they consider it "resolved" when they didn't even check with me to see if I had the capability, but whatever.


Had VVM on my Bold with T-Mobile and had no issues.


Everytime I call to retrieve voice mail, or if anyone else does the same, I immediately receive the following text message  (The Xs represents the phone number from which the call came):


From: 1000000000



VVM has never recognized any voice mails.  I have VVM on my account.  Have several times wiped VM and re-set-up.  Even restored the BB to default state and started from scratch, along with about 10 other things.


I see a bunch of posts here and on the net regarding the issue but no real answers from AT&T. By the numer of messages I've found, this seems to be a widespread issue, that doesn't appear to have a resolution.


Anyone else have this problem and actually got it resolved? And if so, how?



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Re: Visual Voice Mail - Blackberry Torch

call in and have them remove and re-add the feature. def wortha try
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