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Viewing Text Messages


Viewing Text Messages

I know it's snooping but I don't care.  My daughter is 14 and I want to know who is sending her what via email.  Is there a way to view the messages if I don't have the phone?


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Re: Viewing Text Messages

No, you're going to have to have access to the phone. There are a variety of "spy" programs out there that will allow you to view texts, emails, etc. There's no way to do this via AT&T.

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Re: Viewing Text Messages

I think I would also check what my kids are doing. I have a 10 yr old boy so I don't have a need yet, but sometimes u just can't be too careful. Just remember-trust goes both ways and us as parents should be the only ones our kids can trust. Just becasue our kids are smaller and younger than us does not make them less of human beings. ;-)

If your daughter is using Gmail you can check it anywhere. If its set up as default (imap instead of pop) all sent messages will be duplicated on Gmail's servers so they'd be available anywhere. I don't think yahoo works that way. Afaik if it's any other email u can check it on any computer (via a website) but sent messages will only be stored on the device on which it was sent. (unless it's sent directly from the website itself.)

Did that make sense? Lol.
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