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Viewing Data Usage Online


Viewing Data Usage Online

How come I can only view data/text messages used for half of the month? Same thing happened last month, it just stoppped showing up online.

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Re: Viewing Data Usage Online

I see this problem about data usage repeatedly mentioned, why is it never answered or resolved.  Same problem here, the data was not updated and my bill showed only my phone number and none of the phone numbers of people who contacted me. 

Does not appear AT&T is doing anything to resolve the concerns of their customers!!!!  I see lots of problems in these messages.  Seems to me when current customers and potential coustomers read this, it will cause many people to change carriers.

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Re: Viewing Data Usage Online

I hate that I am still unable to see the data usage!!!!  Please fix this!!!


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Re: Viewing Data Usage Online

I think there was an ongoing issue with this but I've been on vacation and haven't been able to check current outages for a bit.
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