View Account - Cookies are required


View Account - Cookies are required

Any idea what this message means?  I've had this problem since day one.


When using the View Account on the ipad in the Settings/Celluar Data window, I get the message:


Cookies are required

Please enable cookies and try again (SBP0003).


Just got a message that I hit my limit and to check my account.  Unforutnately I can't do that and have no way to bump up my plan.


Anyone else hit this?

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Re: View Account - Cookies are required

Figured it out.  In Settings/Safari you need to make sure cookies is on for at least "For Visited".  Since AT&T knows the error code and knows this is an ipad, they should be able to tell you where to turn this on.  It's not obvious that View Account actually uses Safari but I should know better.



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