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Verizon Just Cut It's Data Roaming Rates ...


Verizon Just Cut It's Data Roaming Rates ...

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Re: Verizon Just Cut It's Data Roaming Rates ...

stufried wrote: ...Hopefully AT&T will follow suit.

appears that the added a internaional data roaming plan - 100MB @ 25.00 and lowered the overage rate if you have the plan and exceed the limit


  • To purchase a Global Data plan, customers are required to have a domestic data package and international eligibility, which requires minimum payment history.
  • Customers who require more than 100 MB of data while traveling will receive a notification via text message when an additional 100 MB of data for $25 has been automatically made available to them once they exceed their initial allotment.
  • Customers traveling to countries not covered under the Global Data Plan, but within Verizon Wireless global coverage areas, will be charged at Pay Per Use rates of $0.02 per KB.
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Re: Verizon Just Cut It's Data Roaming Rates ...

And those lower rates are valid on cruise ships too.  The current at&t data package rates are not good on cruises which is odd since at&t has a big stake in the company that runs roaming on many cruise ships.


These new Verizon prices are very attractive.

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