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Verizon Covers Goshen, Virginia - So Should AT&T


Verizon Covers Goshen, Virginia - So Should AT&T

I recently went to a Boy Scout camp in Goshen, VA. All the people with Verizon phones were able to use their phones: call home at night, check weather services like Weather Bug to keep an eye on the frequent storms, and use other services. It was a shame for AT&T customers - no coverage whatsoever. Thousands of users a summer come through this camp, just on the outskirts of Goshen. I would think AT&T would want to compete there.

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Re: Verizon Covers Goshen, Virginia - So Should AT&T

Find out if the owners of the property are interested in renting, leasing or selling their land to AT&T for a new tower('s), they would mail their request/info to AT&T Mobility at the following address: USPS mail only: AT&T Network Real Estate Administration, 12555 Cingular Way, Suite 1300, Alpharetta, GA 30004 Landowners need to include: Contact name, number, address, and e-mail address, Property address, city, state, and county, Property size (acres or square feet), Latitude/longitude of site, Map or survey of land.
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Re: Verizon Covers Goshen, Virginia - So Should AT&T

LOL the "network master" is asking for your help with their network.  I live near Charlottesville and AT&T coverage is average to poor at best in this area. 

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Re: Verizon Covers Goshen, Virginia - So Should AT&T

"Network Master" is a rank, given to people who have answered a lot of posts and contributed to the forum (unlike a certain "New User").  You can read more about ranks here.


AT&T doesn't have coverage everywhere; none of the carriers do.  AT&T has the better coverage in the south than Verizon, owing to A&T having been BellSouth and Southwestern Bell at one point.  Verizon was Bell Atlantic, so their coverage is better in this neck of the woods.

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