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OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! I am beyond frustrated with AT&T right now. I have had AT&T since I was 16 yrs old and when I was 21 I got my own plan being a responsible adult and all.

Never had an issue until January 2012. Made a call about a billing arrangment due to my pay period falling after my bill was due, so I made the call to AT&T and the woman I spoke to assured me and also sending me a text message saying no changes or charges (except a possible late fee which I was completely fine with) would show on my account. Well as a safety procausion, I deleted my autopay to assue my account wouldn't be overdrafted because I have a huge fear of being in the negitive...Well, as of 01/22/2012, my fear became a reality.

My bill wasn't due till 02/02 because that is when I got my check so I went to go check my bank account and low and behold, I'm 104.00 in the hole....let me repeat that ONE HUNDRED FOUR DOLLARS OVERDRAFTED!!!!!! I said to myself who the heck got ahold of my debit card (because I had nothing coming out because I froze, deleted and cancelled everything until the 2nd) Low and behold AT&T pulled money out of my account not once, not twice but THREE TIMES!!! Over drafting my account each time.


Called on the 2nd and spoke to 3 different people before someone could give me an answer on why this was done. basically the responce I got was "Our bad, We'll fix it within 3 days" Okay, no big deal, I gave them 4 days, called back, the man I spoke to said "Oh, it's 7-10 business days" Okay that makes sence. No big deal.


 Call today 02/09/2012 to ask about my balance and why there is 3 different totals on my account and I got that figured out but before I hung up I asked about how the case was coming along for the overdraft fees being refunded to my bank, I was placed on hold for around 4 mins before the man said "umm, we have no record of you having a case for this 105.00 being refunded" ARE YOU KIDDING ME! FOR A WEEK I HAVE BEEN EXPECTING MONEY TO BE REFUNDED INTO MY ACCOUNT ANY DAY AND YOU DON'T HAVE ANY RECORD OF ME CALLING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT IT! So I gave the man my information and he gave me the correct information to send in my account showing what they did. I have spoken to 6 different people in the last week and only one told me what I had to do on my part to get this fixed. I am so tempted to just say forget AT&T, sell my phone and the phone I just bought and go with another provider. I am having to pay for your mistake AT&T, make sure you keep to what you say instead of losing more customers but not paying attention to what your reps do and say. YOU HAVE RUINED MY DAY!!!!! Thanks a lot!

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