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Told me that I can use the upgrade from one phone to the other, since the one phone was going to be removed from my account and get their own number. And now when I try to go cancel the number, they tell me I can't because I did an upgrade and my termination fee is $305.00!!!!!


I have been with ATT for 15 years and current have a family plan with 5 phones... And now this is the thanks I get!!!  I will be cancelling all my lines to another company and  all the cancellation fees that they tell me I will have if I cancel my entire account!!!


How unfair is all this??? {Inappropriate content removed} is what it is....

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When you use another lines upgrade, that line gets a new 2 year contract, not the line you use the phone on.
When you then cancel that line, you get the termination fee as you are not fulfilling your contract.
That will happen on any provider. Each line has its own contract. When you use a line for an upgrade, you get a contract. That contract must be fulfilled even if you sell or move the phone to another line. The contract does not move with the phone. It stays on the line used for the upgrade. It has always been that way and is that way on all the other providers.

If you have been with AT&T for that long, you should have known the rules.

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Right you can't cancel the line without a fee, but you can transfer ownership of the line without a fee, the person you transfer to just won't get an upgrade for two years. He told you truth!


Besides, what makes you think you'd get something for free anyways? Really people, come on! Don't act all shocked and VERY UPSET when you tried to min/max the system and you lost.

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Oh how I understand! And it seems the only way we can get satisfied is NEVER upgrade or extend the contract and get away from AT&T!!!

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Mimii56 wrote:

Oh how I understand! And it seems the only way we can get satisfied is NEVER upgrade or extend the contract and get away from AT&T!!!

pretty much right if you want to get out of te contract without paying anything, the other options is alway pay full retail price for the device you desire not the subsidized price, so as examples


Iphone 4s 16gb retail 699.00, subsidized with 2 yr extentsion 199.00

LG Expression 279.99, subsidized free


Pay yhe fill price you will never have a contract extension, although you have a lot more out of pocket expense. By the way the only way to extend the contract is to upgrade, did you really expect them to foot the majority of the cost for a new phone then let you cancel it?

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