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Using someone else's upgrade


Using someone else's upgrade

I ordered an iPhone 4 using my dad's current upgrade. I have an iPhone 3g. My question is, will I be able to activate the microSIM card it comes with with my phone number, or will I have to take it to my local store and purchase a new SIM? Also, if I have to purchase a new SIM, how much would that cost me, if it costs anything at all? I still have my old cingular SIM card.(If that means anything) Thanks!

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Re: Using someone else's upgrade

take it to a AT&T corprate store and do the activation,might have to buy a new sim card so they can activate on your number.

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Re: Using someone else's upgrade

Any idea how much that might cost, if anything?

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Re: Using someone else's upgrade

They could sell it for $25 but if you are nice they will probably just give it to you.

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Re: Using someone else's upgrade

I used my husband's upgrade last week to get an IPhone. Once the IPhone came I had to call AT&T back and get them to remove the parked equipment off my husband's account and put it on mine so that it didn't take away his Android phone or his insurance off his account or disturb his grandfathered unlimited data plan. Once they put the equipment on my line, he had me place my OLD sim card in the IPhone. I had selected a data plan already. I didn't have to buy a new SIm card.

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