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Using non-Subsidized Sony Arc or Neo on AT&T


Using non-Subsidized Sony Arc or Neo on AT&T

Now that you can get both of these on ... I'm wondering what happens if you use your non-Smartphone SIM (Sony C905a for example) that has the non-Smartphone data plan on it in one of these.


Does data access work?


If so ... buying one of these from Newegg even with the large up front out of pocket cost, would pay for itself pretty quick being able to get unlimited data access for $15/mo vs. the more expense SmartPhone data plan.


Bob H


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Re: Using non-Subsidized Sony Arc or Neo on AT&T

I have been using the unlimited web & text package ($30/mo) for years now and it has woked with my Nokia N95, N86 and most recently my N8 ....  Im guessing so long as at&t does not sell the product, the product code will not be loaded in the esn table thus they will not know what phone you are using.  I am about to do the same thing now that the Sony xperia mini pro (sk17a) is available and see if they change my plan. My guess is that they'll be none the wiser.

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Re: Using non-Subsidized Sony Arc or Neo on AT&T

Wow money.  Looks like is the new phone store now that AT&T carries very few S/E phone.


The Xperia X8 is roughly equivalent, at least in OS and capability.  Have mine upgraded to GingerDX and enjoy it quite a bit. Just have trouble when I want to use it as a phone.  I would say it is iPhone-clunky for that purpose.  Everything works though I cannot address "text" because I have had that and MMS cut off and blocked for years.  I use the $15/mo data plan and my sim card is so old it says Cingular on it.


I would suggest you ought to be a bit careful with the unlimited data.  I would not think about pushing 4 or 5 gigs.  Seem to have little trouble staying under 1 gig.  I just don't do much in the way of videos. 

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